What Does Microneedling Treat?

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Poor skin texture and tone
  • Large pores
  • Acne and facial scars

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling or Collagen Induction Therapy is an FDA-cleared treatment that smooths skin using the body’s natural healing process. Tiny micro-stimulations are created on the skin and dermis, the layer of tissue below. These stimulations are scientifically proven to kick-start your body’s natural healing process and collagen production for faster cell turnover.

How does Microneedling work?

After a medical-grade numbing gel is applied, a microneedling device with a disposable tip creates tiny pricks in the skin. The depth, frequency, and spacing of stimulations are precisely controlled to create maximum collagen production. After treatment, the stimulated skin responds by releasing growth factors like elastin, platelet plasma, and vitamin C while and boosting new collagen formation for 4-6 weeks. Microneedling is proven safe for all skin types and life stages, even when pregnant or breastfeeding.

What Microneedling device does Becoming MedSpa use?

We prefer a SkinPen microneedling device which has been shown over the years to be the gold-standard of medical microneedling. The medical-grade SkinPen creates stimulations up to 35 times deeper than a typical home or spa kit, while maintaining a precise 90 degree angle to prevent scarring or trauma.

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Who uses Microneedling?

Microneedling safely and effectively builds smooth, elastic, and youthful skin, which is why it’s built a reputation among celebrities and actors for more than two decades.

Does Microneedling hurt? Is there downtime?

We promise – don’t let the name scare you. Medical-grade numbing gel is applied before treatment, so the procedure painless. Most patients compare it to a deep facial with slight vibration. After treatment, patients see a light sunburn-like redness that decreases over the next 2-3 days while collagen is produced.

How long does Microneedling take?

Microneedling takes under 30 minutes after numbing. While some patients see results in only one session, we recommend at least two for significant collagen rehabilitation.

What kinds of results can I expect?

Results vary patient to patient, but most experience reduced facial wrinkles, lines, and scars, with smoother and more elastic skin.

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