Are These Everyday Habits Aging Your Skin?

If you feel that you’re doing everything “right” in terms of skincare, but you can’t seem to achieve the clear, smooth complexion you want, some common everyday habits could be to blame. Avoiding these five big ones and taking advantage of some of the most advanced skincare products can help to reduce breakouts and signs of facial aging.

Talking on Your Cell Phone

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Most of us can’t live without them, but our cell phones could unknowingly be harming our skin. The bacteria that is routinely found on cell phones has been linked to a variety of skin problems, including acne, allergic reactions and folliculitis. In some instances, the bacteria that cause staph and strep infections have been found on the surface of cell phones (CBS Philadelphia).

To reduce the risk of transferring these germs onto your skin, clean your cell phone with a damp cloth or use sprays and cleaners specifically designed for use on your phone.

Drinking Coffee

It might help you wake up in the morning, but drinking your morning cup of coffee may also be contributing to your wrinkles. Like alcohol, caffeine is a diuretic, which keeps your body from holding onto water when consumed. This dehydrates your body and your skin, resulting in a dry, sunken-in appearance that causes lines and wrinkles to become more noticeable (TODAY).

Keep in mind, then, that if you are going to drink coffee, tea and other caffeinated beverages, your body will require more than the normally required six to eight glasses of water per day in order to function properly. You can also use anti-aging skincare products that contain effective moisturizing ingredients to help combat the appearance of dryness and wrinkles. Skinbetter science Intensive Treatment LINES contains five types of hyaluronic acid of varying molecular weights to help bind moisture to the surface and to plump the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Sipping Through a Straw

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While it might seem like a small thing, repeatedly sipping through a straw can eventually lead to permanent wrinkles. This is because the dynamic wrinkles that appear on your skin when you make a facial expression such as puckering your lips can become static wrinkles that remain even when your face is at rest.

There are, however, a number of ways to help reduce the appearance of these dynamic and static expression lines, including injectable wrinkle treatments. You can also use topical skincare products like Intensive Treatment LINES and Daily Treatment Cream FACE that contain neuro-calming peptides for an immediate smoothing effect on the skin.

Applying Makeup

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Although makeup itself can sometimes highlight lines and wrinkles rather than cover them up, the ways in which you apply it to your face may also contribute to the appearance of aging skin. First, not washing your hands before you apply your makeup could transfer the germs and bacteria from your fingers to your face, which can lead to breakouts.

The same goes for using dirty makeup brushes, which can trap dirt, oil, bacteria and old makeup and push those substances into your pores. Finally, pulling and stretching your skin in order to apply the perfect eyeliner or concealer can contribute to the formation of permanent lines and wrinkles.

As a general rule of thumb, apply anti-aging products and eye creams such as Daily Treatment Cream EYE using a gentle dabbing motion rather than harsh rubbing.

Sleeping on Your Stomach

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Research shows that your sleeping position can permanently affect your skin (Aesthetic Surgery Journal). Sleeping on your stomach or side can lead to compression wrinkles, which form when your skin is pressed against a firm surface such as your pillow. Although these wrinkles may gradually fade throughout the day, they can become permanent lines and wrinkles over time.

Sleeping on your back or using a special pillow designed to protect your face from compression wrinkles may help to reduce the appearance of facial aging. You can also use an effective night cream such as skinbetter science AlphaRet™ Overnight Cream FACE to smooth away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a rejuvenated, younger-looking complexion.